About Me

My name is Jeanine Philippe. Born in Williams Lake, BC, I spent the early part of my childhood in the wilderness. My parents homesteaded, off the grid, at the edge of a beautiful meadow. Everything we had we built from the ground up.

The meadow and the surrounding woods were my playground. I spent my free time running and playing, catching frogs and other creatures, from our pond. This is when my love of nature first took root. At age 11, we left our home in the woods and moved to Northwest British Columbia, settling in Terrace.

In the ensuing 30 years, I have formed a deep attachment to this part of the world. We live in a fantastic region of the country with rugged mountains, lush rainforests, and rushing rivers and streams. It’s an environment that invites exploration and discovery. The landscape is constantly changing as we cycle through the seasons. And the night sky offers a whole new experience. It’s alive with millions of stars that are often painted by aurora borealis. We live in a dynamic blend of magic and adventure.

Eventually, my desire to share the precious things we have here inspired me to get a camera and try to capture what I saw on a daily basis. I love exploring: taking a camera along gives me a greater appreciation for the beauty that is here.

Living in Northwestern British Columbia means we live in a rainforest meaning that it gets wet. In an effort to stay dry, I realized that most of my adventures tended to happen in boots, which lead me to the name “Adventures In My Trusty Boots”. Much of my photography on this page was taken while wearing those trusty boots.

I hope you enjoy the stories and photos on these pages, and I hope you are inspired to get out and enjoy the beautiful country yourself.

Hiking Sleeping Beauty Mountain

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